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Disclaimer: Breastmilk is best


There is no greater joy than seeing a child grow up happy and healthy; which is why we believe in nurturing happiness that shows everyday!

NESTLÉ LACTOGROW has continued this purposeful journey of helping every child to grow happy with its impressive campaign Tummy muskuraye to Mummy muskuraye (in the absence of breast feeding).

NESTLÉ LACTOGROW is now totally sucrose free and contains Comfortis Grow: a combination of gut-comfort-providing ingredients including probiotics that promotes easy digestion and helps reduce constipation to nurture a healthy and happy tummy. Our benefit focuses on Gut Protection, Digestion and Gut Comfort for the little ones to help them Grow Happy!

NESTLÉ LACTOGROW continues to make its space in the hearts and minds of our consumers and we look forward to maintaining the same momentum in 2021.

Let’s keep making more tummies happy!


Disclaimer: NESTLÉ LACTOGROW is not a breast milk substitute but a growing-up formula especially suited to babies older than 12 months. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible.