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Agriculture Services

Agriculture Services

Agriculture Services is one of the integral pillars of Nestlé Pakistan which is contributing towards improvement in socioeconomic conditions and livelihood of the farmers. Nestlé provides innovative solutions on dairy and agriculture to farmers through its trained team of professionals, specialised in agriculture and dairy farming.

As part of Nestlé’s continuous effort to enhance farms profitability and quality of raw milk, fruits and cereals, Nestlé Agriculture Services has come out with various initiatives in 2019, including import of highly efficient cows and introduction of high-density fruit orchards. These initiatives paid off through the induction of more than 3500 cows with superior genetic potential contributing to significant growth in direct farm milk with marked improvement in milk quality. In fruits, high density orchard significantly improved fruit yield while reducing cost of production.

With a drive of transforming traditional dairy farmers into professionals, Nestlé has developed a comprehensive dairy farming extension program to implement advanced farming practices at supplier’s dairy farms. Nestlé Pakistan conducts “on farm” trainings by local experts as well as international trainers. Induction of new farms and upgradation of existing farms continued as a result of technical assistance from Nestlé Agriculture Services team.

Since its existence, Nestlé Agriculture Services has played a key role in mechanization and adaptation of emerging trends in the industry. To enhance farm efficiency and improve comfort for cows, Nestlé continues to promote technologies such as digital cow heat detection and health management system, thermal imaging cameras and air velocity meters at dairy farms.

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