Agriculture Services

Agriculture Services

Agriculture Services is one of the integral pillars of Nestlé Pakistan which is contributing towards improvement in socio-economic conditions and livelihood of the farmers. Nestlé provides innovative solutions on dairy and agriculture to farmers through its trained team of professionals, specialized in agriculture and dairy farming.

As part of Nestlé’s continuous effort to enhance farms profitability and quality of raw milk, fruits and cereals, Nestlé Agriculture Services has come out with various initiatives in 2020. It includes continuation of assistance by providing technical guidance in dairy farm mechanization and plantation of high-density fruit orchards. These high-density orchards significantly improved fruit yield while reducing the cost of production.

With a drive to transform traditional dairy farmers into professionals, Nestlé has developed a comprehensive dairy farming extension program to implement advanced farming practices at suppliers’ dairy farms. Nestlé Pakistan conducted “on farm” and virtual trainings by local experts as well as international trainers. Induction of new farms and upgradation of existing farms continued as a result of technical assistance from Nestlé Agriculture Services team.

Nestlé Pakistan has been playing a pivotal role in contributing to agricultural economy through dairy development. Taking the same ambition to the next level, Nestlé Pakistan is contributing to agriculture economy by developing dairy and agriculture input suppliers. These suppliers are linked with farmers to fulfill their farming needs.

Nestlé together with its partners has developed a low-cost soil moisture sensor which helps the farmers to decide when to irrigate their crops. Our initial field studies have shown considerable water saving in irrigation with yield improvement and now in a phase to scale up this initiative.

We are proud to support our farmers with uninterrupted milk collection operation during these challenging times. Our staff, suppliers and milk tanker drivers’ safety was ensured by taking all precautionary measures during milk sourcing activities. Social distancing, provision of masks and hand washing were ensured at each workstation on field. We also continued all types of technical assistance required to farmers during these tough times. By accepting new ways of working, we continued our training programs for the farmer and staff through online training courses

Knowing the contribution of rural women in the well-being of the family and communities, Nestlé Pakistan has been extending support to women associated with the rural dairy sector in Pakistan including access to financial resources, knowledge and training. Nestlé Pakistan is committed to social and economic equity for the dairy farming community, with a focus on empowering women in rural areas as we believe in diversity in our business and throughout our supply chain.

Farmers and partners who are striving to promote dairy and agriculture farming at a professional level would help us to supply high quality products to our valued consumers. Nestlé Pakistan is committed to continuing its efforts to uplift rural economy with higher productivity and better income of local farmers.

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