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Drivers Safety Training Program

driver safety program

The lack of proper knowledge and the absence of safe driving practices and procedures are among the major causes of accidents on highways.

Nestlé Pakistan in collaboration with the National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) established the first drivers’ training institute near Sheikhupura to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the communities it operates in. The company developed the second driver training facility for the drivers in South at Karachi. The Nestlé-NH&MP Drivers Training Institutes are fully equipped facilities that have been providing trainings, under the supervision of experts, not just to the drivers of Nestlé Pakistan and National Highway and Motorway Police (NH&MP), but also catering to the training needs of the drivers of other public and corporate organizations in the country. The facilities feature driving safety training track, blocks comprising of classrooms and high-tech driving simulators. With state-of- the-art driver training facilities in Sheikhupura and Karachi, the Drivers Safety Program has trained more than 34,800 drivers including over 7,900 Nestlé drivers. Apart from the professional and economic impact, the program has also created a positive social impact not only on the drivers themselves, but also on their families and the communities that they live in.

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