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Water Stewardship


Water is key to all life and deeply connected to regeneration. We rely on water and recognize our role in helping to ensure access to sufficient clean supplies.

Taking a local approach to water management supports farmers and communities where it is needed most and has the potential to positively affect natural water cycles.

Preserving water resources is part of our legacy. While building on this heritage, we launched our new commitment called the Water Pledge in 2021 which is Waters Business specific.

Our Progress in Water Stewardship

According to our estimates, we have regenerated water volume equivalent to

71 %*
Nestlé Waters Pledge
We will advance the regeneration of water cycle to help create a positive water impact everywhere our Waters Business operates by 2025. We aim to do this by taking collective action with local communities, farmers in our value chain and experts in water resource management.
Nestle waters pledge

What is Water Cycle Regeneration?

Regeneration of the water our Waters Business uses

What is Positive Water Impact?

Net Positive
This commitment is part of our journey to make our entire water portfolio net positive by 2025
Net Positive


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