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Chaunsa Project


The Nestlé Chaunsa Project continued during 2018, in partnership with the Agriculture Department Punjab, with the aim to improve the livelihood of farmers within the Chaunsa Mango sector by strategic CSV intervention through implementation and replication of best farm practices, resulting in right quality pulp and improved harvest. The results of our endeavors have been quite fruitful, as the partner farms have shown considerable improvement both in quality and quantity of chaunsa mangoes due to the implementation of best farm practices. We procured a limited quantity of chaunsa mango from our project farmers as a pilot project thus reaching our goal of making these farmers a part of our supply chain as Chaunsa Mango suppliers in 2018. It is our commitment to continue the project in the coming years to enhance the quality of the Chaunsa Mango in Pakistan, resulting in the socio-economic uplift of the small and medium Mango farmers in the country.


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