Nutrition Support Programme for Underprivileged People

Nutrition Support Program

Nestlé annually provides nutritious products to approximately 20,000 children and underprivileged people who suffer from key micronutrient deficiencies.

Nestlé Pakistan regularly provides company products, primarily milk, to selected schools in urban, semi-urban and rural areas. The children that attend the educational institutes we support are poor and their parents cannot afford to fulfill their nutritional needs. The schools are selected after giving due consideration to the profile of the managing organisation – capacity of the organisation, its outreach and resource availability – to ensure that the benefits of this programme reach those who need and deserve them the most. The programme also supports organisations working with destitute women, old age homes, as well as social welfare organisations for sports, culture, special children and the disabled.

Mashal School is an Islamabad-based charity school run by a local NGO, Mashal. Zeba Hussain, a resident of Islamabad, began the venture in 2008 to provide education to the street children of Nurpur Shahan. The school caters to 670 children from nursery to class 10.

Since a very young age, these children have been selling shopping bags, flowers and sweets and washing cars on the streets of Bari Imam. These children face hardship at home as well as at work. Through the assistance of Mashal School, they were able to overcome their inhibitions and eventually develop a sense of trust and dignity. Mashal School provides them with basic education and extracurricular activities for their healthy development. All classes cater to multi-aged children.

Mashal School provides nutritious meal to the children once a week. Communal eating gives the children a sense of community and shared experiences. Nestlé Pakistan is providing regular nutritional support to the underprivileged students of Mashal school.

“The children who study at Mashal School are unable to afford a healthy meal a day and Nestlé has helped, on regular basis, in providing milk to every student of this school and contributing in fulfilling the nutritional needs of these underprivileged children.” says Zeba Hussain.