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Students and Graduates

Students and Graduates

Exploring opportunities during student life and more

At Nestlé, we offer exciting opportunities to people early in their
careers all around the world.

We offer different programs to candidates at the start of their career, from traineeships to graduate programs and internships. We advertise all our vacancies on the job search page, and you can discover more about each program on our individual country websites. Nestlé also helps young people around the world to get a fulfilling job and career through the Nestlé needs YOUth initiative.

Corporate opportunities for students

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The Nestlé YOUth Influencer Programme is an ambassadorship programme where students are provided the opportunity to become Nestlé ambassadors for their university.

As a YOUth Influencer they are responsible for creating hype and engaging students for Nestlé's flagship programs, events, career drives and on campus activities. This allows them to learn leadership traits and acquire experience before exploring more opportunities at Nestlé.

Corporate opportunities for students

Nestlé needs YOUth equips young people with the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s workplaces. Focusing on employment/employability, entrepreneurship and agripreneurship, it has a range of initiatives, for example:


With the pandemic causing internship programs to be cancelled, many young talents across the globe were confined to their homes with limited opportunities to upskill themselves. Due to this, Nestlé introduced the first regional (mainly virtual) internship program- Nesternship.

As a Nestern, you have the chance to level up your skills, gain on-the-job experience and expand your network, all from the comfort of your home.

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Nestlé Management Trainee Program is an accelerated management programme that is aimed to develop high potential individuals as future leaders.

Fresh graduates undergo a rigorous assessment to get a slot for a 2 year Magaement trainee position. In the first year of their trianeeship, they undergo an immersive learning experience through rotations in different functions across the value chain. This provides them a holistic view of the business as well as stakeholder management which is essential for a successful career progression. Upon confirmation in the second year, they are given the opportunity to work on a position in their chosen function.

The transition from the financial sector to Nestlé has been a very challenging experience with a huge learning curve. The responsibility that comes with being a brand manager is scary and exciting at the same time. Being the brand owner, I constantly connect with cross-functional teams to ensure a smooth value chain.

Nestlé helps develop your professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and provide an opportunity for you to have a positive impact on lives. Nestlé provided an exciting, life learning experience with its transparency and meaningful projects. My greatest learning at Nestlé was when I increased reach for Hai Tum Pay Yaqeen program. I learned that there are a lot of untapped markets of differently abled individuals. Our attention to this can have a huge impact on the lives of these professionals.

From being a Campus Ambassador, I knew Nestlé had a great organizational culture but my experience as an employee has been nothing less than a dream. ​ I have a great line manager and my coworkers are super helpful and friendly.​ As a Management Trainee, I’ve learnt about other important functions besides marketing which includes sales and supply chain. This has made me look forward to learning new things every day and pushing my abilities to their limits. Nestlé is like my second family now!