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With over 27 years of celebrated heritage, NESTLÉ EVERYDAY has established itself as Pakistan’s beloved tea creaming partner delivering a superior cup of tea every time. Over the years, we have developed exciting product variants honoring the varied needs of our consumers.

The Signature, Original Range




Khaas Range

Original range delivers the signature KHAAS taste our consumers have grown up enthusiastically loving. Its layered blend of rich creamy notes, velvety mouth-feel and delicious taste keeps you coming back for more and more.




Instant Tea Instant Tea Instant Tea


The Indulgent, Instant Tea Range

Transforming the tea experience with our newly introduced NESTLÉ EVERYDAY 3in1 Instant Tea range, your experimental soul will fall in love with the Chailicious flavors of Cardamom and Karak instant tea with just a pour of hot water.


Liquid Range


Liquid Portfolio

NESTLÉ EVERYDAY maintains its legacy of delivering KHAAS taste to your tea cups through liquid tea creamer as well. Whichever range suits your preference more, we promise you a KHAAS sensorial ride that is sure to elevate every single one of your tea moments.