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Nature’s gift of dairy has a fascinating taste, and with over three and a half decades of dairy expertise in Pakistan, NESTLÉ MILKPAK has perfected the processes that allow it to capture this SMOOTH, RICH AND CREAMY EXPERIENCE, the way nature meant it to be.

NESTLÉ MILKPAK delights consumers with its signature taste that is a testament to the dairy goodness that it entails. Guaranteed by Nestlé’s quality systems and dairy expertise, NESTLÉ MILKPAK provides wholesome nourishment through Proteins, Calcium, Minerals & Vitamins. Calcium & Vitamin D help keep bones & teeth healthy while Vitamin A plays an important role in good vision and supports skin health. Vitamin A & D also help maintain body immunity.

Whether it is a glass of milk for your kids, a creamy cup of tea with your loved ones or a dairy dessert for your family, NESTLÉ MILKPAK makes you fall in love with the taste of dairy goodness.

NESTLÉ MILKPAK Coffee Frothing Milk (ESL)

NESTLÉ MILKPAK Coffee Frothing Milk (ESL) is specifically designed for coffee foaming, making it an essential ingredient for cafes. With its rich, creamy texture and precise fat content, MILKPAK Coffee Frothing Milk enables baristas to craft velvety-smooth foam that elevates the coffee experience.