Empowering Dairy Farmers: Imran Joiya’s Story

Nestlé Pakistan is empowering dairy farmers and providing innovative solutions on dairy and agriculture through its trained team of professionals
Empowering Dairy Farmers

Mohammad Imran Joiya, a 33-year-old dairy farmer in Jalalpur, Multan started his venture as a progressive farmer with the support of Nestlé Pakistan and now supplies 1200 liters per day to the company.

“Nestlé’s team guided me about dairy transformation, shed designing, fodder planning, and breed improvement, which enabled me to achieve my goals of profitability and made my farm more sustainable” says Imran.

“They also supported me in capacity building and trained my staff to produce good quality milk through reduced cost of production” he added.

With the continuous support and guidance from Nestlé, Joiya aims to increase his milk production and is aiming to produce 2400 liters per day by December 2020. He feels grateful for the opportunity and looks forward to improving and growing with Nestlé.

“Furthermore, Nestlé guided me on the efficient use of water along with animal manure which has resulted in improvement of fodder production as well as my mango orchard yield. They provided me with plants for my farm and its surrounding area for sustainable agriculture. It has made my farm look more beautiful and cleaner.”.

Nestlé offers innovative solutions regarding dairy and agriculture to farms through its team of professionals who are specialized in sustainable agriculture practices and dairy farming. Nestlé makes continuous efforts to enhance the sustainability of farms and the profitability and quality of raw milk, fruits, and cereals.

Nestlé Agriculture Services came out with various initiatives in 2019, including the import of highly efficient cows. These initiatives paid off through the induction of more than 3,500 cow of superior genetic potential, contributing to significant growth in farm milk.

Nestlé Pakistan conducts “on-farm” training by local experts as well as international trainers. Induction of new farms and upgradation of existing farms continued as a result of technical assistance from the Nestlé Agriculture Service team. Since its existence, Nestlé Agriculture Services has played a dynamic role in the mechanization and adaptation of emerging trends in the industry.

Across our business, we work with suppliers, partners and farmers globally. With the growing demand for food, and challenges to farming such as climate change, we strive to support rural development and guarantee decent employment and diversity. Our programs, initiatives and commitments to achieve these aims are designed to build stronger communities and a secure and sustainable supply chain.

We are also aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 1 of No Poverty and SDG 8 on Decent Work and Economic Growth to empower dairy farmers and improve livelihoods in communities.


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