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Environmental Sustainability

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We believe Nestlé is well placed to help address the climate change challenge. We aim to ensure the continuity of our own business and those in our supply chain while protecting the wider environment. Nestlé Pakistan is taking steps and introducing various initiatives in its manufacturing units and beyond, to exhibit Respect for the Future.

Carbon Foot Print Initiatives to Address Climate Change

One of the key priorities of Nestlé Pakistan is to reduce the number of greenhouse gas emissions. By 2025, our ambition is to reduce 20% of greenhouse emissions as compared to 2018. Water conservation, energy optimization, controlling greenhouse gas emissions, reduction in waste at source, reduction in packaging material and proper disposal of waste are the key environmental indicators for any manufacturing facility.
Nestlé takes care of these indicators in its operations and is committed to improving its performance on a yearly basis.

Water Operational Efficiency

Nestlé also saved more than 92,000 m3 of water across our manufacturing units. This water saving is based on initiatives taken under Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard.

Total Tree Plantation in 2022

Nestlé Pakistan planted a total of 25,000 trees in 2022 around our sites and an additional 25,000 Moringa trees by Agriculture Services.

Gas-Saving Water-Saving

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