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Solution to water issues requires coordination amongst stakeholders

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In order to commemorate World Water Day 2017, Nestlé Pakistan in collaboration with SDPI (Sustainable Development Policy Institute) and WWF organized a seminar on : “Why Waste Water: Rethinking Water Resource Management in Pakistan”.

According to the Asian Development Bank Pakistan is one of the most “water-stressed” countries in the world, with a water availability of 1,000 cubic meters per person per yea. Given this context, the seminar highlighted some of the major issues in terms of wastewater management in the country and concerns pertaining to conservation of the existing water sources.

The seminar was structured around a panel discussion with leading experts including Waqar Ahmad (Head of Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Pakistan), Dr. Rab Nawaz (Senior DirectorWWF), Abid Sulehri, (Executive Director SDPI), Dr. Wolfgang-Peter Zingel(Visiting professor, Quaid-e-Azam University) Muhammad Ashraf (Chairman PCRWR). One of the key point agreed by all stakeholders, was the adoption of a multi-stakeholder approach to tackle this issue.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Waqar Ahmad, Head of Corporate Affairs Nestlé Pakistan said, ““The problem of water scarcity in Pakistan is not limited to any one entity, rather it is a collective problem, for which we must take collective action. Our Water Stewardship initiative is a comprehensive plan on how we can reduce not just our own water footprint but also help save water outside our fence. Nestlé has been improving on its own water efficiency every year but we need to adopt a partnership approach, as envisioned in SDGs, involving Government, NGOs, Academics etc. to help make a true difference."

Dr Zingel further added that Waste Water is not necessarily lost; the issue is how to treat it and reuse it. Chairman PCRWR highlighted 80% of drinking water supplied in the cities of Pakistan is contaminated.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Abid Suleri , the Executive Director SDPI said, "MDGs taught us that in order to mange a difference, we need to work with all stakeholders. We need to rethink our water usage and consumption models." He said it was good to see all stakeholders sitting together and discussing how to do things differently. Dr Imran Khalid, Head Environment and Climate Change Unit, SDPI, said that "water remains the most integral part of our economy yet we continue to misuse, pollute and degrade it." He added that "a sustainable solution to this problem requires cooperation and coordination amongst stakeholders as varied as the government, private sector, academia and the civil society."

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