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Nestle launches ‘Lean-In’ Lahore Chapter

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The Managing Director of Nestle Pakistan, Bruno Olierhoek, addressed the women employees of the company in Lahore on March 8, 2016, to commemorate International Women’s Day and to announce key initiatives being taken by the company to benefit women employees.

The Managing Director announced the setting up of the ‘Lean-In’ Lahore Chapter which is an initiative by Nestle Pakistan to coordinate with other organizations for creating a ‘Lean-In’ circle which will be committed to offering women the encouragement and support to lean in on their ambitions.

The first batch of the ‘Lean-In’ Lahore Chapter will kick off in April, 2016.

‘Lean-In’ supports women in 3 important ways such as the Community concept which gives them confidence and know-how to achieve their goals; Education which teaches them leadership and communication through a growing library of free online topics and Circles, which refers to groups in a particular location, connecting them regularly to discuss and learn from each other.

Welcoming the setting up of the ‘Lean-In’ Lahore Chapter, Bruno Olierhoek said the determination and courage of women across the world had led to social, economical, cultural and political achievements.

“At Nestlē we value diversity and gender balance as an important component. We ensure that there is no discrimination based on gender, there are equal opportunities and all the career moves are made based on merit,” he said.

The MD said there was need to embrace diversity and follow the concept of “KARO AITEMAAD” to put women and men on the same platform.

Addressing Nestle’s women employees, he said: “You have taken the first step by deciding to go to work and have made a difference. Make your family proud and make Nestlē stronger by becoming role models for all those girls and women who are thinking about joining the workforce and actively contributing to strengthening the economy of the country.”

He further added: “This year the global theme for the International Women’s Day is ‘Pledge for Parity.’ I pledge that I will help the women of Nestlē Pakistan and Afghanistan to achieve their ambitions with us.”

On this occasion, women from various other walks of life also shared their stories of strength and struggle.

About Nestlé Pakistan

Nestlé Pakistan is the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company in Pakistan; meeting and exceeding all the international standards in manufacturing of their products. Nestlé Pakistan believes in creating shared value for the communities in which it operates with the focus being on Nutrition, Water and Rural Development. Nestlé Pakistan works with thousands of farmers for collecting milk and engages in a number of rural development programs for community development.

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