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'Spirit of Nestlé' orients New Employees

The Human Resource department at Nestlé Pakistan held a three-day orientation session – ‘Spirit of Nestlé – for the new inductees who joined the organisation in the summer of 2015.

About 14 new joiners received sessions about different operations in the company so that they could gain an insight into their daily functioning. They also spend a day at the Nestlé’s Sukheki Farm and Sheikhupura Factory to get a better idea of the dairy value chain and internal processes through which different products are manufactured at the organisation.

The Spirit of Nestlé was started in 2012 and aims to provide experiential learning to new comers with its farm to fork approach, says Mian Nabeel Ahmed, Recruitment Specialist at the Human Resources department.

"I think the Spirit of Nestlé is useful because usually we don’t have time to get to know about different departments," said Sarah Khan, who has joined Nestlé as an Accounting Specialist at the Milk Collection and Dairy Development Department (MCDD). "This session is a good platform to interact with other employees."

The first day of the orientation kicked off with an Introduction about Nestlé and an overview of the career paths that people in different functions could follow in the organisation. There were also presentations on Marketing, Sales and Key Accounts. One employee shed light into the importance of the presentations.

“These values and core operations make up Nestlé,” said Usama Bin Hijazi, a Training and Learning Coordinator.

From Farm to Factory:

On the second day of the orientation, the new employees were taken to Sukheki Farm where Sukheki Assistant Farm Manager Hassan Ali gave a presentation about the farm.

Nestlé’s Sukheki Farm hosts 165 cattle and also has a Bio-gas plant where Nestlé’s indigenous power generation takes place. There are also modern training rooms where farmers can take courses on everything from increasing milk yield of their animals to farm management.

The farm visit was very beneficial as sitting at distribution, we don't know where 'MilkPak' is coming from," said Khurrum Abbas, Karachi Area Sales Manager. "But now that we have seen the processes we are more convinced about how milk production takes place."

From Sukheki Farm the next stop for the participants was the Sheikhupura factory, one of the largest in Asia. Here they visited different segments of the factory and received a deeper understanding of how different Nestlé products are manufactured.

All About Nutrition:

Spirit of Nestlé would be incomplete without a talk on how to inculcate the company mantra of nutrition, health and wellness. The inductees were given the Nutrition Quotient (NQ) presentation by NQ Champion Nudrat Arshad who spoke about the percentage in which carbohydrates, proteins and sugars should be made a part of a balanced diet.

The participants of the Spirit of Nestlé also gained a perspective into what the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles (NCBP) consisted of besides delving into what code compliance at the organisation meant.

"Nestlé Continuous Excellence (NCE) provides a standardized way of working which focuses on simplicity and sharing," said Nabeel Javed, Market Goal Alignment Manager, during his presentation on the responsibilities of the department.

"I was looking forward to the NCE session because I was struggling with making a Go See Think Do (GSTD) and now the confusion has been cleared," said Sareena Sari, Customer Services Specialist.

After the orientation was completed, the participants complimented different sessions of the course.
"I thought the HR sessions were the best because the information given during the Performance Evaluation (PE) and Progress and Development Growth (PDG) sessions was very important," said Faraz Malik, Key Accounts Manager in Lahore.

"The Spirit of Nestlé enabled me to gain a holistic idea about the operations of different departments within the organisation," said Hira Nafees Shah, Internal Communications Manager. "It also solidified my faith in Nestlé being the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company in the world."