Making Communities Safer

The streets of Sheikhupura may not be the best in the country but they are certainly one of the safest thanks to Nestlé’s collaboration with the NH&MP. The school serves as a top-notch drivers’ training facility for truckers and motorists in Sheikhupura.

Those who ply the roads in Sheikhupura couldn’t be happier because they feel they’ve learnt a great deal from this facility. “I am careful with how I drive my vehicle now,” says Nestlé driver, Mustafa. “I used to be reckless before but Nestlé has taught me how to be a safe driver so that I don’t endanger my life as well as the lives of others,” he adds. The training provided at Nestlé NH&MP institute has not only helped Mustafa and many others like him become better drivers, but has also enabled them to reap monetary benefits. “Ever since I started driving carefully, the company gave me a raise. That was a bonus,” says a beaming Mustafa.