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Drops of the Divine: A Story of Milk in Pakistan

Nestlé Pakistan hosted the launch of a book developed by Markings Publishing, narrating the story of milk in the country. Drops of the Divine: A Story of Milk in Pakistan, is a beautifully photographed coffee table book that shines the spotlight on the history and journey of the packaged milk sector in the country.

Being the fourth largest milk producing country in the world, dairy and livestock’s contribution to the national GDP stands at a staggering 11% - little wonder then that the constantly evolving and prolific dairy sector has been through monumental changes since the birth of the nation.

As mentioned in the book, when Pakistan became an independent Country in 1947, ninety-percent of the country’s population lived in villages. Households tended cattle and produced raw milk for their own consumption. Any excess amount was converted into ghee, butter or yogurt. Over the years, however, Pakistan experienced a great surge of urbanization giving enterprising farmers an opportunity to distribute their milk in densely populated areas with the help of mobile milk collectors (dodhis). During 1970s and the early 80s, the Government of Pakistan introduced favorable policies to help fuel the growth of the packaged milk industry. Following this, in 1988, Nestlé partnered with MILKPAK Limited to revolutionize the dairy industry as we know it today.

Nestlé Pakistan currently stands as the leading food and beverage Company with an extensive dairy product portfolio that has continued to enhance the lives of Pakistanis for over 30 years. Follow us as we unfold Pakistan’s #StoryOfMilk

CH#1: Legacy:

This chapter talks about the legacy of milk and its importance in one’s life. Milk is a source of protein, calcium and fats that a healthy body needs. In a region like Pakistan that is abundant with dairy animals, the potential of eliminating malnutrition is just a glass away. In addition to being a crucial source of nutrients, milk provides millions with regular employment and income.


CH#2: Journey:

This chapter explores the birth of the dairy industry in Pakistan and the visionaries who shaped the industry as we know it today. It reflects on the joys and hardships that dairy farmers experience on a daily basis. The author also discusses how the adoption of foreign breeds of cows by progressive cattle breeders has led to an increase in milk yield and created a growing interest in cattle rearing.

At the end of this chapter, Syed Babar Ali – Former Managing Director of MILKPAK Ltd shares his recollections of the huge potential he saw in Pakistan’s dairy industry back in 1970s. Jack Moser – former Head of Milk Collection for Nestlé Pakistan, also shares the awe he felt when he first visited Pakistan in 1992.

CH#3: Inroads:

This chapter evolves around the current state of affairs and the challenges of the industry. The author walks us through Pakistan’s dairy supply chain that consists of thousands of actors across the Country, working tirelessly to meet the growing demand for milk. Additional topics like feed contamination and use of antibiotics are also covered in detail. One learns about the challenges faced by dairy farmers in Pakistan and how various entities (NGOs, Corporations & Govt. Organizations) are helping dairy farmers in addressing these challenges.

Lastly, Dr. Muhammad Shakeel Khan – a progressive dairy farmer, talks about his experience as a dairy farmer and why “Careful breeding is essential for success.”

CH#4: Horizon:

In this final chapter, the author highlights the importance of the dairy industry in shaping the future of our nation. Pakistan, being the world’s fourth largest milk producer, self-sufficiency is within reach. But this journey will require hard work, foresight and a supportive environment.

Last, but not the least, the author introduces us to behind the scene heroes like Ume Salma – Dairy Development Executive at Nestlé, who take pride in elevating the living standards of families living in urban areas and empowering women though training and development.


As one reads through the book, you come across a number of delicious recipes. To name a few; Shahi Tukras, Coconut and Pineapple Cream Cake, Badam Kheer, Cream stuffed dates and Cream of Almond Soup.

Use this link to go through all this and much more in Drops of the Divine: A Story of Milk in Pakistan

Nestlé Dairy Book - PDF Version