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Dairy Project Success Story

Kiran is a 19-year-old girl who has a family of seven, including four sisters and a brother. After completing her matriculation, she wanted to study further but due to financial constraints could not do so. When her father fell sick, the responsibility of providing for Her family members fell on her and her elder sister’s shoulders.

When Nestlé-DRDF Dairy Project’s team visited Kiran’s village and told the residents about the Women Livestock Extension Workers (WLEW) training, she immediately enrolled herself. “I signed up for the training because I knew it would benefit my family by increasing my income and also help my community. I learnt about basic animal health care and developed related skills such as deworming and vaccinating dairy animals” Kiran says. After the successful completion of the training, Kiran put her newly acquired training to use, going door-to-door spreading awareness about the importance of getting cattle vaccinated. She also inspected the quantity and breed of the animals in her village and provided consultation to a number of farmers about the health of their animals.

Her average monthly profit is PKR 7,000 ($70). “My earnings give me a great sense of accomplishment and I use them to support my family. My father had a heart surgery and my savings enabled him to be get medical treatment… I also pay for my younger sibling’s education.” In the future Kiran hopes to study more about animal health care and management. The young woman who was made to stay at home after her matriculation now believes that women should not be confined to their homes.