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Changing Lives with Nutrition Awareness


When Rubia Ibrar first learned about the Nestlé Healthy Kids’ Programme at the Silver Oaks School, Rawalpindi, she wasn’t sure how it would help her and her children. Like all responsible mothers, she thought she knew everything there was to know about eating three meals a day. It was only when her two children – Meerab and Abdul Wasay – altered their eating habits and started educating Rubia about the importance of a healthy diet that she realised the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme was changing their lives for the better.

For Meerab, the most important thing the siblings learned during the course of the programme was their nutritional requirements. In addition, the two of them received books that told them why it was essential to eat balanced meals and what constitutes such meals. 

“My brother and I help Mama out in the kitchen every day now because we can teach her what we learn about healthy and nutritious food in school”, explained Meerab.

“We love the colorful books too…” added Abdul Wasay. 

“My children now prefer home cooked food and lunch”, says Rubia, who admits that she herself has learnt a lot while her children were working on school projects for the programme. 

Thanks to the children’s participation in the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme, the family is now mindful of their meals and prefers hot, fresh and thoroughly cooked food instead of cold, stale and over or under cooked meals.