Nestlé has been, and will always be, passionate about nutrition & providing quality. Our story began 150 years ago with the passion for nutrition, of bringing Good Food, Good Life to consumers around the world. Ever since, we’ve continued to provide innovative products and services that enhance the quality of life, everywhere and every day.

Nestlé has been a part of Pakistan for decades now. With its promise of good food, good life Nestlé has made a place in the hearts and homes of Pakistanis, living up to its promise of delivering on a healthy life through good quality food. At Nestlé, we are proud to be a part of all the stories that brighten up your life and sweeten up your moments.


We Do Rigorous Lab Testing Globally


These tests were done in 2018 in local as well as foreign labs in countries like Switzerland, Germany, USA and Singapore. We here in Pakistan, follow the same global testing regimes which are used in other Nestlé markets worldwide.


Research & Development At Nestlé


To ensure best quality products, we have 22 global research centers across 4 continents with a combined global R&D investment of over 1.7 billion CHF and 413 factories in 85 countries. Just our global research budget is bigger than entire GDP’s of some countries.

Improving Quality Of Life In Rural Communities

Our linkages with the local economy since over 30 years, through educational programs and the purchase of milk & other raw materials, have not only created many jobs but also given boost to related industries which in turn have improved quality of lives of the people we work with.

Enhancing Quality Of Milk Production

With Nestlé’s support & education programs, per cow milk yield on average has gone up from 7.6 Liters per cow to 14.5 liters per cow over the last few years, making it an increase of about 90%. Not only does this help improve earnings for farmers, it also helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions per liter of milk.


Our Quality Tests Spread Across Value Chain


Our focus on quality is evident by the rigorous quality system we put on our quality testing. We did over 21 million tests in 2019 across Nestlé Pakistan in value chain. These tests are done in the field, in factories, on production lines and even when the product in on shelf in stores. That’s why we spent around 32 crore rupees in 2019 for various quality tests across our value chain.


We Can Trace Milk To Its Source


Transparency is a core value for Nestlé. Our sophisticated milk collection supply chain and strict quality systems ensure that 100% of our liquid milk reaching our factory gates is traceable to the very farm from which it was sourced. In fact, 80% can even be traced to the specific cow!