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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Nestlé Pakistan is taking steps and introducing various initiatives in its manufacturing units and beyond, to exhibit Respect for Future. A brief of all these initiatives is described below

Energy, Water Savings And Reduction In Greenhouse Gas Emission Across Our Factory Operations

Energy, water and Greenhouse gas emissions are the major environmental indicators for any manufacturing facility. Nestlé takes care of these indicators in its operations and keeps on improving its performance year on year.

Energy Conserving Proficiency

In 2018, energy consumption has been reduced by 19% per ton of product since 2010 and 12% compared to 2014.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In 2018, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions has been reduced by 17% per ton of product since 2010 and 21% compared to 2014. Our focus is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, by investing in renewable electricity, improving energy efficiency and switching to cleaner fuels.

Water Operational Efficiency

Between 2010 and 2018, total water consumption per ton of product was reduced and water usage efficiency is improved by 18%. Our water consumption per ton of product is reduced by 14% as compared to the year 2014. Nestlé Pakistan is aiming at water factory discharge reduction by having pronounced water treatment systems, recycling and reusing practices.

Renewable Energy

Keeping in view the continued energy crisis and global warming caused through usage of fossil fuels to meet the growing energy demand of the country, the only way out of these challenges is through the cleaner alternatives of renewable energy.
Nestlé Pakistan has always been looking at the options to reduce the environmental footprint and for cleaner energy options. Continuing on this journey, we have installed solar energy systems in our factories and milk collection centers. In 2018, Nestlé Pakistan achieved a total capacity of 0.5 MW. The continuing effort of Nestlé Pakistan in Solar Energy is setting an example in dairy industry to make use of renewable energy solution for its sustainable business.

Acting On Climate Change By Planting Trees

Nestlé Pakistan has a great focus on climate change. We have planted more than 400,000 trees till 2018 and plan to plant more than 50,000 trees in 2019.

Reduction Of Waste At Source

In 2018, Nestlé Pakistan has promoted experimentation in packaging optimization. R&D in packaging has brought us fruitful changes resulting in tremendous material avoidance of 292 tons that shows decrease in packaging material consumption by 94% in comparison with 2017.