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Women Agripreneurship

In order to provide farmers with the correct farm inputs, Nestlé has strengthened its partnerships by joining hands with businesses focusing on cow import, machinery, medicines and feed ingredients across the country.

This helps farmers by providing them with quality inputs. Nestlé Pakistan has been playing a pivotal role in contributing to the agricultural economy through dairy development. Taking the same ambition to the next level, Nestlé Pakistan would further contribute to agriculture economy through developing professional suppliers for other agricultural raw materials such as fruits and cereals.


Nestlé has scaled up its initiative to procure fruits and cereals directly from farmers during 2019. To promote farm productivity, Nestlé has planted two demonstration orchards of mango chaunsa with high density and ultra-high density in collaboration with Mango Research Institute, Multan. These lighthouses will help farmers to adopt new planting geometry, which is expected to increase Mango yield while decreasing production cost. Nestlé has expanded its foot prints to Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan and Sindh to procure high quality fruits and cereals respectively.

Improving water conservation was our key focus during 2019. We have supported farmers in collaboration with Punjab Agriculture Department to promote adoption of High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS). These drip farms are serving as a light house for the farming community. Nestlé, together with its partners has developed a low-cost soil moisture sensor which helps the farmers to decide when or when not to irrigate their crops. Our initial field studies have shown considerable water saving in irrigation with yield improvement.

We are proud of our farmers and partners who are striving to promote dairy and agriculture farming at a professional level. This would help to supply high quality products to our valued consumers. Nestlé Pakistan is committed to continue their efforts to uplift the rural economy with higher productivity and better income of local farmers.


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