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Sustainable Agriculture

Nestlé Pakistan has been playing a pivotal role in contributing to agricultural economy through dairy development. Taking the same ambition to the next level, Nestlé Pakistan would further contribute to agriculture economy through developing professional suppliers for other agricultural raw materials such as fruits, cereals and vegetables.

Nestlé Pakistan has partnered with the Agriculture Department, Government of Punjab to encourage local farmers to take up drip irrigation. We have installed drip on 107 acres as of 2018 with an estimated water saving of 301 mio liters annually; these farms are located in various parts of Punjab. We aim to increase the drip acerage from 107 to 143 acres to save 400 mio liters in 2019.

Fruits, Cereals And Vegetables

Our Supplier Development team is developing Suppliers / farmers for local sourcing of fruits, vegetables and cereals. In 2018, we sourced mangoes, chillies, corriander and fenugreek leaves from farmers. Our Supplier development team having good technical skills and on farm knowledge. This includes farm management, extension services, day to day advices, financial and strategic planning, and capacity building of Agriculture farmers. Our Supplier development team interact with farming communities who are a part of our Agri value chain in Pakistan approaching farmers, caring for their orchards and farms, helping to increase their production and income to ensure a better life.

Greenhouse Gases

Being an environment caring organization, Nestlé Pakistan is taking initiatives which help in reduction of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions. Holistic approach is in place to minimize the reduction of GHG emissions by replacing low efficient cows with high efficient, improving manure management practices, and promoting perennial fodder crops, introducing biogas plants and solar system at farms.

Nestlé Naata

After its successful launch in previous year, Nestlé NAATA continued to connect with farmers to address their queries. This channel has become popular as the easiest way for new farmers to seek initial guidance on dairy farming. Nestlé Pakistan is committed to continue its efforts to uplift rural economy with higher productivity and better income of local farmers.