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Nestlé Healthy Kids


Global Perspective

Having developed nutrition expertise over the decades, Nestlé believes that it can contribute to the knowledge of nutrition, using education as a tool to help young children understand the value of nutrition and physical activity.

The Nestlé Healthy Kids Program is a global initiative to raise awareness about Nutrition, Health and Wellness as well as to promote physical activity among school-age children around the world. Healthy Kids Programs have been implemented through a collective effort of 250 partners worldwide; the spectrum comprising national and local government. NGOs, nutrition health institutes, sport federations and research and monitoring organizations.

Nestlé Healthy Kids Program in Pakistan


Keeping in view the double burden of malnutrition among children in Pakistan, ‘Nestlé Healthy Kids Program’ was launched by Nestlé Pakistan in 2010. It is now a nationwide curriculum based program which is non- branded in nature. Nestlé Healthy Kids program is nationwide and covers schools across Punjab, The Federal Capital, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and aspires to reach more areas. The program works in collaboration with 10 educational partners from the development, private and public sectors. NHK is a curriculum based program, comprising two books (in both English and Urdu) which provide the necessary knowledge on nutrition and encourage physical activity and intake of balanced diet. The primary beneficiaries are school children between the ages of 6 to 16 years.


“It is an exciting initiative. It gives us an opportunity to train master trainers (teachers) who are extremely close to the kids and can influence them to make better food choices so that they can eat well and live well. It will also go a long way in reducing the burden of disease.” Dr. Riffat Ayesha Anees, Nutritionist Trainer

“Good eating habits should be introduced during childhood. The Nestlé Healthy Kids Program has positively affected the behavior of kids towards eating practices and physical activity.” Ms. Shamsa Sajjad, Teacher at CARE Foundation

“The Nestlé Healthy Kids Program has a positive impact on students’ behavior and they are grasping and implementing the information in their daily life by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking water more frequently and planning healthy balanced meals. I would thank Nestlé for their effort and commitment to raise awareness about importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and to make positive impact in the community at large and specifically on children’s lives.” Ms. Fozia Nazir, Principal PWWB

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