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NESTLÉ DOCELLO Chocolate Mousse


  • A range offering quality desserts that will entice and delight customers every single time offering your business satisfied clientele and flexibility & variety to customize menus.
  • Patissiers from France, Germany and Italy were brought together to help create NESTLÉ DOCELLO range of desserts for professional kitchens.



  • Classic French recipe with optimal creaminess and consistency, Nestlé professional offers DOCELLOTM Chocolate Mousse that is easy to prepare, & yet gives chefs freedom to celebrate their talent & add their own sweet signature

Can be used in multiple of applications such as:

  • Classic chocolate mousse
  • Tart fillings
  • Cake fillings
  • Pastry fillings

Nestlé DOCELLOTM Dessert Magic

  • DOCELLOTM Dessert Magic with classic Vanilla flavor that can be used to make delicious soft serves and milkshakes.
  • Everything for you to succeed Quality, Convenience, Customization