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Irresistible tasting yogurts !!

  • Good to know about Nestlé Yogurts
  • Yogurt is a mixture of milk & live cultures. In set yogurts, the live cultures are added directly in the pack  & grown at ambient temperatures and it is then left to set
  • Raitas are stirred yoghurts made with traditional recipes, available in irresistible flavors of Podina & Zeera!
  • Better Digestion with NESTLÉ ACTIPLUS YOGURT
  • It is the only yogurt that contains fibre (Inulin) and probiotics (live cultures).
  • When combined with the goodness of Live Cultures, Inulin helps to maintain a good digestive system, so you can be in tip top condition to take on the challenges of the day.
  • What is Inulin?
  • Inulin, a prebiotic, is a soluble dietary fibre that is non-digestible. Inulin encourages the growth of good bacteria in our large intestines, resulting in improved gut health.
  • What you should know about Live Cultures? Live Cultures are good bacteria that help maintain a good intestinal environment and subsequently improve digestion and absorption of vital nutrients from foods.