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Nature’s gift of dairy has a fascinating taste, and with over three and a half decades of dairy expertise in Pakistan, NESTLÉ MILKPAK has perfected the processes that allow it to capture this smooth, rich and creamy experience, the way nature meant it to be.

NESTLÉ HOUSE OF MILKPAK Brings the TASTE OF DAIRY GOODNESS by offering daily nutrition through UHT MILK, enhances dessert experience through NESTLÉ MILKPAK Cream and makes cooking tasty & economical through NESTLÉ MILKPAK YOGURT.

With a value chain that aims to deliver only the best, highest quality dairy nutrition in every pour. Strict protocols are followed from farm to pack, with 26 food safety, quality and freshness checks (at the state of the art ICP lab in the food industry) to ensure that each drop of NESTLÉ MILKPAK delivers consistent nutrition and taste.

NESTLÉ MILKPAK UHT is the only milk fortified with Vitamins A & D so that Pakistan’s households get the pure, wholesome milk experience with the true ‘Taste of DAIRY Goodness’.