Health and Nutrition

What products does Nestlé sell?

Our portfolio covers almost every food and beverage category – giving consumers tastier and healthier products to enjoy at every eating occasion and throughout life’s stages including times of special nutritional need. Our most popular brands include Nescafé, Milkpak, Nesvita, Fruita Vitals, Milo to name a few. Find a complete list in Our Brands or discover more in our dedicated Brands section.

Where can I buy Nestlé products?

Our products are available worldwide in supermarkets, grocery shops, through online retailers and in smaller local stores. For the most accurate information we suggest you send an e-mail to consumer services. you can also find the consumer services team closest to you in Nestlé Worldwide.

Is the quality of Nestlé products the same worldwide?

Quality and safety for our consumers is Nestlé’s top priority. This applies to all products across the world, across all our products, from foods and beverages to all our systems and services. To ensure the quality and safety of each and every product we have a Quality Management System. We use this globally to guarantee food safety and compliance with quality standards. Our internal Quality Management System is audited and verified by independent certification bodies to prove conformity to internal standards, ISO norms, laws and regulatory requirements.

Are Nestlé products the same throughout the world?

No. Nestlé encourages its national operations to adapt products locally, in order to respect the local, regional and national habits and the tastes, cultural and religious backgrounds of consumers as well as their purchasing power. While all products must correspond to our quality requirements, they vary extensively in composition, recipe, packaging and branding. What should I do if I hear about a product recall? If you are looking for information about a product recall, we suggest you get in touch with consumer services in the country where you live. All details can be found in our section Nestlé Worldwide.

What Nestlé is doing to deliver transparent nutrition information to consumers?

Nestlé Being a Nutrition, Health and Wellness company has taken own initiative of on-pack nutrition information system that enable our product’s label to deliver transparent nutrition information to help individuals make healthier choices for themselves and their families. Our label contains

1. Nestlé Nutritional Compass appears on almost all of our product packaging and has four elements

  • a Nutritional Information box that states the amount of specific nutrients the product contains, such as protein, carbohydrate, fat and sugar
  • a ‘Good to know’ box that features specific information
  • a ‘Good to remember’ box that offers tips on how the product fits into a healthy lifestyle
  • a ‘Good to talk’ section that provides contact details for consumer services teams

2. GDA “Guided Daily Amount” is a public health tool located at both front and back of pack which provides nutritional information per serving for the average daily amount of calories, fat, saturated fats, total sugar and sodium/salt.