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Babar Hussain Khan

Babar Khan is currently working as the Head of Sales in Nestlé Pakistan. Babar started his career with Nestlé as a Marketing Management Trainee in 2000 in Waters working both in Marketing and Sales. He played a pivotal role in various key positions like National Key Accounts Manager – F&B, Head of Convenience Channel - Thailand and Head of CCSD – Pakistan before moving as the BEO for Juices in 2014. 

He worked as Business Excellence Officer Juices till April 2018. Babar has spearheaded a number of initiatives such as the complete overhaul of brand positioning with a strong focus on “new news” and experimentation e.g. the Win your dream promo on NFV, the Funkaar activation on NESTLÉ NESFRUTA, digital experimentation through VOGON as well as the NFV PSL integration and launch of exotic mixes in the final of the PSL in 2017 with high performance and consistent growth.