MD's Message



Anyone visiting Pakistan soon discovers the extraordinary sense of hospitality of the Pakistani people as well as their passion for food. It is therefore easy for a company like Nestlé, whose promise is Good Food, Good Life, to feel right at home.

Indeed Nestlé through all its operations since 1988, is well entrenched in the Pakistani society. Nestlé is one of the top employers in Pakistan, creating jobs in the local economy. Over 170,000 dairy farmers benefit from our elaborate milk shed spread out across the country and we are making humble progress connecting with fruit farmers. Working hand in hand with our suppliers, transporters and distribution partners we are taking our brands, loved by millions, to thousands of outlets in all corners of Pakistan. As part of Nestlé’s global Creating Shared Value approach, we are also working with stakeholders in governmental and non-governmental organisations to make a positive impact in the fields of Nutrition, Water, Environmental Sustainability and Rural Development. A concrete example is the “Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme”. Through the programme, we have reached out to 70,000 children with the aim of helping them and their families realise that taking care of their bodies and minds starts from a young age; good nutrition and healthy physical activity are foundation blocks for a healthy and productive life. This programme is one of many we are conducting as the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company in Pakistan and around the world.

I am proud to be part of this successful organisation which is dedicated to doing business while living up to our Corporate Business Principles by being transparent, honest and caring for individuals and society.

On behalf of Nestlé Pakistan I would like to thank all of our Pakistani consumers for their trust. I commit to work hard with the whole team to continue to deliver tastier, healthier food and beverage choices and maintain the high international quality and food safety standards you have come to expect from us. We do this so you can close your eyes when consuming our products because you know ours are open.

Behtar Kal Hamara (striving for a better tomorrow)

Bruno Olierhoek
Managing Director and C.E.O
Nestlé Pakistan