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Preparing for Tomorrow: Building Youth Skills and Developing Future Leaders

Investing in the youth, their skills and developing them into future leaders is a priority for us at Nestlé

With more than 68% of Pakistan’s population below the age of 30 years, and a key part of the workforce, building youth skills and empowering them is crucial for the economic growth of the country. Investing in the youth, their skills and developing them into future leaders is a priority for us at Nestlé as well. Aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth, our global initiative, Nestlé Needs YOUth aims to provide the youth with the skillset that makes them employable and ready for tomorrow’s world.

On a market level at Nestlé Pakistan, we have multiple frameworks and programs that help the youth develop futuristic skills. These include the LEAD Management Trainee Program, Nesternship and the Kero Aitemaad Program. As we celebrate World Youth Skills Day 2023, let’s see how these initiatives follow this year’s theme of transforming youth skills for the future and enable the youth to become leaders of tomorrow.

Developing Youth Leaders of Tomorrow with the LEAD Management Trainee Program

Under the Nestlé LEAD Management Trainee Program, young candidates are selected for a year-long program that rotates them in four functions so they can gain exposure, learn a variety of skills, and acquire the business acumen required. The program enables them to venture into unknown territories and transition from campus to the corporate world.

Shaheryar Hussain, a LEAD Management Trainee who worked at both the head office and at manufacturing sites highlighted that Nestlé helped him learn data analysis, supply chain management, media buying and planning among other skills, enabling him to grow exponentially in his career.

“With a cross-functional background in technical, supply chain, marketing and sales, I could use the learnings from different areas and apply them elsewhere. This program allowed me to learn how various functions work in tandem, develop relationships with people across sites and cities, and channel an emboldened spirit of leadership and discipline within me. Hopefully, this will help me excel in the future!”

Upskilling Youth with the Nesternship

Another initiative that helps youth learn new skills is the Nesternship program, a six-week internship for university students that empowers them with functional skills and network with industry leaders from Nestlé’s entire value chain. Nesterns work alongside senior professionals and gain direct one on one mentorship and guidance from through the course of the six weeks.

Tayyaba Noor, a Nestern, who got the opportunity to work on a global project with the team at Nestlé’s headquarters in Switzerland recalls her Nesternship journey as a transformative one.

“I gained insights about learning and development at Nestlé's Corporate Learning & Development (L&D) Department. Under the guidance of visionary global heads, I acquired valuable knowledge but also witnessed firsthand the remarkable dedication to excellence that defines Nestlé's global headquarters. The opportunity to contribute to impactful L&D initiatives and collaborate with inspiring leaders made my time at Nestlé truly unforgettable”, she added.

Developing Skills that Break Stereotypes with Kero Aitemaad

The Kero Aitemaad Program is another initiative at Nestlé that helps the youth, particularly young women, challenge stereotypes by giving them an opportunity to pursue traditionally male-dominated roles. Through a one-year traineeship contract, females work in various fields such as Supply Chain, Field Sales, Engineering, Medical Delegate, and agri-services. This program not only breaks down barriers but also empowers women to explore diverse disciplines and contribute to functions where they have historically been underrepresented.

Eeman Naveed, a Kero Aitemaad associate, who is a Team Leader at the Sheikhupura Factory believes that the program has significantly contributed to her growth and has put her on an accelerated growth trajectory by placing her in a nurturing and empowering environment.

“The program consistently presented me with new and exciting challenges, pushing me beyond my comfort zone and fostering decisiveness in my actions. During this learning experience, I was able to develop my leadership and project management skills that will help me in the future”, she added.

Empowering Youth through Hai Tum Pe Yaqeen

At Nestlé, we don’t just upskill the youth, we also ensure there is diversity and inclusion (D&I) in their representation. Hay tum pe Yakeen is Nestlé’s D&I program for people of determination, who join the organization for a year and go through a transformative learning experience where they acquire new skills that make them employable.

Zaki Tanwir who was a part of the Hay Tum Pe Yakeen program has learnt analytical, critical thinking and interpersonal skills through this program.

“The mentorship I received during the program helped me explore my true potential and grow professionally. My experiences are full of challenges; incubating ideas and working on impactful projects guaranteed a sense of achievement that instilled great confidence in me”.

While these are just some of the initiatives at Nestlé that help young people build futuristic skills and advance their careers, the youth at Nestlé are exposed to growth opportunities every day. In addition to being involved in challenging new projects and collaborating with senior leaders, they also have the opportunity to participate in trainings on decoding AI. These trainings equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand and harness the power of artificial intelligence in their work. Furthermore, Nestlé facilitates connections between the youth and industry experts, enabling them to enhance their literacy in various fields. Through these connections, the youth can learn from experienced professionals, gaining valuable insights and expanding their knowledge base.

Nestlé's official mentorship program also plays a crucial role in supporting the development of young talent, linking them with senior leaders who provide guidance and support. With these comprehensive opportunities, the youth at Nestlé are well-prepared to achieve and succeed in their careers, equipped with futuristic skills and a solid foundation for growth.

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