Healthy Eating

For adults with a body weight above that suggested in the healthy weight category (that is, a Body Mass Index greater than 25), reducing your food and energy intake, in conjunction with increasing your physical activity levels, can help reduce your weight. Restrictive dieting is not recommended for children and adolescents, as they have high nutritional needs.

Here are some healthy eating tips for maintaining a healthy weight:

healthy eating

  • Eat breakfast and don’t skip meals eat a wide variety of foods each day .
  • Keep ‘extra’ foods, such as biscuits, cakes, chocolate and chips to a minimum .
  • Limit saturated fat - saturated fats are usually solid at room temperature and are the main fats in milk, cream, butter, cheese and some meats
  • Choose reduced fat dairy products
  • Limit the amount of ‘take away’ food
  • Select lean meat and remove visible fat before cooking
  • Choose low fat cooking methods, for example - stir fry, grill, non stick cooking pans
  • Eat more low calorie foods such as wholegrain cereals, fruits and vegetables
  • Drink more water – instead of soft drink and fruit juices
  • Read food labels – especially for fat, sugar and energy (kilojoule/calorie) levels
  • Eat smaller portions, eat slowly, don’t fill your plate, try a smaller plate, don’t feel that you need to finish every meal