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Nestlé continues to develop, uplift community

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Nestlé Pakistan has been serving Pakistani consumers since 1988, when its parent company, the Switzerland-based Nestlé SA, first acquired a share in Milkpak Ltd. Today its products are fully integrated in Pakistani life. The company is recognised as producer of safe, nutritious and tasty food, and leaders in developing and uplifting the communities in which it operates. Nestlé Pakistan as the leading nutrition and wellness company of Pakistan remains committed to the country constantly delivering on its promise of providing good food and good life to millions of Pakistanis across the nation.  Today, Nestlé is not only recognized as a producer of safe, nutritious and healthy food but also as a leader in developing and uplifting the communities in which the company operates.

At present, the company is working in partnership with 190,000 farmers to provide pure and high quality milk to consumers all over the country. The farmers receive payments on weekly basis through a transparent system. To improve the quality of the lives of its suppliers, Nestlé has established a unique technical assistance team that trains farmers in modern techniques. The milk collection system has an economic and social impact far beyond the farmers themselves.

The Kabirwala factory was first acquired by Milkpak in 1990 as a subsidiary. The main building of the factory is build over the area of 11.8 acres whereas the total land area covered is 57.58 acres. By 1997 it was a fully owned unit of Nestlé Pakistan Ltd. Since its inception the Kabirwala factory has been constantly enhanced. Continuing its past tradition of excellence, Nestlé Pakistan opened the largest milk plant of Asia and also the largest milk reception among Nestlé World at Kabirwala on March 16, 2007. The Kabirwala factory is the biggest factory in the Nestlé world; Nestlé has presence in 100 countries. By establishing its factory in Kabirwala, South Punjab region, Nestlé has generated employment opportunities not only for the factory workers but also for the farmers that are associated with it milk procurement chain. Nestlé Pakistan has invested more than US $ 70 million to build the Kabirwala milk plant and an estimated US $ 371 million will be pumped into the economy by 2014 for the development of dairy sector in Pakistan.

Nestlé Pakistan is also involved in school rehabilitation and education advancements intended to improve the lives of underprivileged children living in the same region. To help improve education in rural areas, Nestlé undertook the rehabilitation of several primary and middle schools, focusing especially on girls’ schools, in Sheikhupura, Khanewal, Kabirwala and Muzzafargarh. The company upgraded educational facilities, including teaching aids and teacher trainings along with furnishing the pre-existing school buildings. Nestlé also built wings and donated over 100 computers to different schools.
With the commitment to creating shared value, Nestlé Pakistan is also a signatory to UN Global Compact for ethical business practices and also does social investment for supporting the underprivileged and rural communities. These include farmers’ training, primary schools’ refurbishment, women development, water filtration plants in schools and related humanitarian assistance. Additionally, Nestlé has signed MOU's with UNDP and SDC for training female livestock farmers and for rural development.
Potable water is a basic human necessity, yet it is denied to millions of Pakistanis. Nestlé Pakistan alleviated rural suffering by installing 4 water filtration plants in selected areas including two at Muzzafargarh, one each at Khanewal and Kabirwala. Almost 20,000 people receive drinkable water and are benefitted from these plants.

The recent floods in Pakistan caused massive devastation all over the country. In South Punjab region 2,000 acres of cultivation area was also destroyed. In step with the rest of the nation, Nestlé Pakistan responded immediately, putting its infrastructure and resources to work in the affected areas. The company installed 350 hand pumps and 20 tube wells in the region and also donated seeds and fertilisers to the farmers to help them getting on their feet once again. Hundreds of thousands of cattle died because of the diseases that spread as aftermaths of the floods. Nestlé Pakistan assisted in vaccinating 300,000 livestock and also established mobile veterinary clinics for treating cattle all over the region including Rajanpur district. As a result of well designed flood relief plan, Nestlé Pakistan distributed ration, water and other basic food necessities fairly and efficiently to 90,000 flood affected peoples for a whole month.
More than just offering food and beverages, Nestlé Pakistan is a leading health, wellness and nutrition company. We believe that good food is necessary for a good life. In fact, health and nutrition is more dynamic than ever. Food has evolved from being a necessity to becoming an expression of how we live. This is why Nestlé Pakistan products are developed to provide a safe and healthy source of nutrition to all family members.