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NESCAFÉ creating global 24-hour Facebook live stream

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NESCAFÉ, the globally loved coffee brand, is creating a global 24-hour Facebook live stream by calling on people across the country to join a global project to celebrate International Coffee Day 2016 (1 October).

Called ‘Good Morning World’, the movement invites members of the public to upload a few seconds’ video of themselves enjoying their morning coffee, selfie-style, in the run up to the date. These will create an international ‘mug chain’ broadcast throughout International Coffee Day, with contributors rubbing shoulders with some 17,000 other people from around the world.

And for every #GoodMorningWorld video submitted, NESCAFÉ will provide a coffee plantlet to a farmer around the globe, ensuring high-quality coffee continues to be grown and loved.

Nadia Omer, Business Manager Coffee and Cereal Partners Worldwide, Nestlé Pakistan, said, “More and more Pakistanis are reaching for a cup of coffee in the morning and we want them to share how NESCAFÉ makes their mornings better. ‘Good Morning World’ is a campaign that is uniting coffee lovers across the world and we hope that Pakistani coffee drinkers will help us celebrate the unique way in which we enjoy our coffee.”

Michael Chrisment, Head of Global Integrated Marketing at NESCAFÉ, said: “Wherever you go in the world, you’ll find people starting the day with a great cup of coffee. ‘Good Morning World’ unites everyone around the globe in celebrating the simple act of drinking a cup of coffee but in a way that recognises what makes each of us unique. It’s a truly global initiative and one that we hope will show that we’re all more alike than we are different, if only we could find ways to connect with each other.”


NESCAFÉ, the world’s favourite coffee, was invented in 1938 as a creative solution to Brazil's surplus coffee beans resulting from the Wall Street Crash. It was the start of a lasting relationship with Brazil’s coffee farmers and a pioneering future with coffee. Today NESCAFÉ is sold in more than 180 countries, has over 5,000 different products and 5,500 cups are consumed every second.

Throughout history, NESCAFÉ has been known as a pioneer. From joining the first expedition to the top of Mount Everest, or being the first coffee on the moon, to most recently being the drink of choice on-board the world's first solar powered global flight. NESCAFÉ has been part of great connections that have started with a coffee.

In 2014, NESCAFÉ launched a unified global visual identity across all products in the 180 countries where the coffee is sold. For the first time in the brand’s 75-year history, each NESCAFÉ product also shared the same brand line: “It all starts with a NESCAFÉ”

NESCAFÉ leads in protecting the future supply of coffee, which is threatened due to climate change, crop disease, poor farming techniques and mass migration from farming regions to cities. NESCAFÉ works with 1 million farmers, training them in growing viable, healthy crops and sustainable farming techniques. The NESCAFÉ Plan is a US$350 million commitment to sustainable coffee production. It aims to ensure coffee farming is a viable business for future generations of coffee farmers and that coffee lovers can continue to enjoy a great tasting cup of NESCAFÉ.

For further information, please contact:
Aatekah Mir-Khan
Corporate Media Relations Manager, Nestlé Pakistan
Cell: 042-35988119
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