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Nestlé Pakistan and its ongoing journey towards water stewardship

The United Nations asserts that water management is key in adapting to global warming and climate change faced by the planet. World over, the water resource is depleting at a rapid pace with some countries at a higher risk than others. There are a number of issues that Pakistan faces in terms of water management; water wastage in agriculture, irresponsible municipal and industrial use of water and poor quality of drinking water etc.

Being the largest Food and Beverage Company, water is critical at each stage of our value chain. Our aim is to be a responsible steward of water to achieve the ambition for “zero impact” in our direct operations to improve water efficiency. We have reduced our water use per ton of product by around 40% over the last 10 years. Since we are an industry leader, people, governments and civil society, expect a leadership role from us when it comes to water management. It is for these reasons that for more than 10 years, water has been a key focus of our Creating Shared Value (CSV) strategy.

Keeping this in mind, we realize that we have to work beyond our factory gates and take collective action, with other partners like the government, communities, farmers, civil society and academia.

As a result of our collective action approach, the implementation of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard across our three sites is an evidence to our efforts towards water efficiency. The AWS is an international standard guiding organizations upon how to improve water efficiency in its operations onsite as well as offsite. In 2017, Nestlé Pakistan’s Sheikhupura Factory became the first site in Pakistan and Nestlé World to be awarded the AWS certification followed by our Islamabad Factory in 2018. It is an immense pleasure to mention here that our Kabirwala Factory has also been awarded the AWS certification in early 2019.

Dedicated to sustainability for future generations, Nestlé Pakistan has pledged to have all its sites certified with the AWS Standard by the end of 2019. Going forward, we still have a lot to do but this has been yet another milestone in our AWS journey.