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Nestlé Pakistan recently launched a book – Dining Along The Indus. The book was earlier unveiled in 2019 in collaboration with Pakistan Mission to the United Nations at UN Headquarters in New York. Dining Along The Indus is an accolade to Nestlé’s purpose of Good food, Good life, and is a reflection of the love Pakistani people have for food.

Earlier last year, the book was unveiled at an event jointly organized at UN Headquarters in New York by the Permanent Missions of Pakistan and Switzerland to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The book features distinct recipes spanning the length and breadth of the country highlighting the range of its cuisine. Every region has produced its own specialty as the various dishes and their names in this book signify.

Talking about the book, Dr Maleeha Lodhi said, “I am grateful to Nestlé Pakistan for this joint enterprise to ‘offer’ Pakistani food in all its colorful variety to the international community. The idea for the book came to me when, as Pakistan’s Ambassador and Permanent representative to the UN, I wanted to introduce Pakistan’s distinct culinary tradition to the 193 countries represented at the UN in New York.”

“Dining Along The Indus, apart from its recipes of dishes from across the country, is also a celebration of the splendor of Pakistan, with colorful pictures depicting a country, that is modern, but with ancient roots and an enormously rich cultural heritage. It was a privilege to present this book to a global audience as part of my efforts to project Pakistan’s soft power, which is such a crucial element of modern diplomacy,” she added.

The Grain of Life

Pakistan is the world’s fourth largest producer of monsoon crop in the world. This chapter presents the staple chawal (rice) recipes. The particular variety of rice is not only preferred for savory dishes but is used to create sweet dishes. From the elaborate Sindhi Biryani to the gratifying Khichri; you will find it all in Dining along the Indus.

Aromatic Curries

Here the book explores an assortment of meat curries originated from the Indian ancestral regions. Each of these meat curry recipes has a base of whole, ground or cooked spices. Chicken, mutton and beef are the imperative ingredient to these curries. You will find the recipes to the Hyderabadi Haleem and delicious Daal Ghosht. The Chinioti Kunna and the Punjabi Paya are also heavily spiced broths from mutton meat that are featured in the book.

Meaty Extravaganza

Meat renders warmth and strength which protects the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its adjoining areas from the bitter cold. This segment of the book focuses on the slow cooked recipes popular in the Southern region of Pakistan. These delectable recipes utilize minimum spices to stay true to the authentic taste of meat. Such extravagant recipes are tenderized or cooked in a sandpit and will definitely melt in your mouth. Bihari Kebabs, Mutton Chops, and Lahori Fish recipes are all presented within this chapter as well.

Glorious Harvest

Punjab is the hub for harvesting the mustard plant. These two chapters discuss the mouthwatering winter favorite green recipe such as Sarsoon ka Saag consumed with Makai ki Roti. It also unveils our nation’s vegetarian delicacies; Sindhi Bhee, Bhagairey Baingan and everyone’s favorite Mixed Sabzi.

Crust and Crumbs

Crust and Crumbs introduce you to the three main categories of bread in Pakistan. Paratha, Naan and Roti are amongst the most consumed across the entire nation with slight variations. A sweet and savory bread; Sheermal is famous at tea time.

Divine Desserts

Meals in Pakistan are never complete without a dessert. From the accidental creation of Gulab Jamun, Kulfi Falooda to the delicious Multani Halwa and Zafrani Kheer; this chapter presents the recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pure indulgence meets culinary art with these simply mouthwatering desserts.

Perfectly Poured

Pakistan offers a wide variety of refreshments across nation that are laid out in this chapter. Each of these beverages is a perfect blend of distinctive proportions of savory or sweet herbs and spices. Meethi Lassi, to Peshawari Qawa and the famous Doodh Pati Chai is all consumed dependent on the weather.

The hospitality and generosity of the people of Pakistan knows no bounds and food is a big part of that. Developed by Markings Publishing, Dining Along The Indus is a step towards highlighting that in line with Nestlé’s purpose of Good food, Good life.