Rural Women Sales Program in partnership with BISP

Rural Deep Reach Program in Partnership with BISP

As part of our commitment to attaining the SDGs, Nestlé Pakistan partnered with Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) in May 2017 to provide livelihood opportunities to BISP beneficiaries. Launched in 2008, BISP is the largest social safety net program launched by the Government of Pakistan and has approximately 5.3 million beneficiaries. The BISP Program is a targeted unconditional cash transfer program in Pakistan focusing on the underprivileged, excluded, marginalized and vulnerable women of Pakistan. This selection criterion of these women is solely based on economic deprivity.

This partnership is part of Nestlé Pakistan’s Rural Deep Reach Project, which focuses on the needs of the low-income population by offering them Popularly Positioned Products (PPPs). These are affordable, nutritious and high quality products. A large portion of Pakistan’s population suffers from deficiencies in key micronutrients (iron, zinc, vitamin A and D).


To-date more than 250 beneficiaries have become Nestlé Pakistan Sales Agents from across Pakistan, mainly Punjab and Sindh. These beneficiaries have undergone a rigorous sales training, and are involved in selling Nestlé Pakistan fortified products to Botton of the Pyramid populations at a low cost. Nestlé Pakistan has also launched the Healthy Women Program, which focuses on imparting relevant nutrition knowledge amongst BISP beneficiaries. Through the use of visual aids and easy-to-understand handbooks, the Nutrition experts inform women on the importance of good nutrition, ideas on how to cook healthy nutritious meals within a budget, and disseminate key nutrition and hygiene messages to the beneficiaries. This comprehensive program addresses the key issues faced by these women, including heath, hygiene and food safety, etc.