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Nestlé Kisan Club

Kisan Club

To cope with the key challenges of dairy farmers, Nestlé Kisan Club was introduced in 2016 with a transformative approach aiming to achieve sustainable dairy farming. Since its inception, the project has increased its number of partners from 7 to 22, from dairylinked national and multinational business organisations. The whole activity has created benefits worth over PKR 384 million in 2017 vs PKR 274 million in 2016 for emerging agripreneurs through a collaborative approach for cow purchase support, baled silage, farm machinery, animal health, breeding and advisory services.

In 2017, six commercial banks partnered with us for providing financial services and solutions to club members on market competitive interest rates for farm expansion, cow purchase and farm mechanisation. The initiative was introduced as “Kisan Club Qarza Saholat.” A total of PKR 447 Million loans have been disbursed through this facility, the largest chunk of which was offered through the Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme through National Bank.

We took a step toward mechanisation, when one of our partners introduced Total Mix Ration (TMR) wagons worth PKR 8 Million to our Platinum and Gold Kisan Club members, free of charge for one year at their farms.

“The TMR feeding solution is not only convenient for me, but also has resulted in 15% increase in my farm milk with remarkable reduction in feeding cost,” said Sajid, one of the Platinum members operating a TMR wagon.

Sohail, Farm Manager at Nestlé’s Sarsabz Farm said, “Before TMR feeding, I was engaging six persons for cow feeding, but now only one person is feeding the cows in the same time. The other five workers have time to focus on their respective areas”.

Now dairy farmers are buying their own TMR wagons on discounted prices for feeding their cows to get more efficient results.

Kisan Club SMS advisory service was introduced for the farmers in 2017. We got specialized technical persons to draft Urdu messages and information for the farmers. Urgent announcements like weather change or disease outbreak are sent to the registered numbers through this service. With this initiative, Kisan Club members as well as thousands of farmers, enrolled in our system, are getting knowledge to advance their dairy farming skills and techniques that help them improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase income through their mobile phones.