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Milk Collection & Dairy Development


Milk Collection and Dairy Development’s (MCDD) commitment to the journey of continuous improvement took a leap forward in 2014. 

It started as a challenging year to supply best quality milk with sustainable sourcing at a competitive price. The team’s commitment and passion made it possible. Our focus on milk quality enabled us to deliver the lowest microbial level, minimal Mycotoxin level (toxin produced due to fungus in animal feed) and reduce total milk rejections by 20% against 2013. A clear demonstration of it was the internal acknowledgment our Mycotoxin Control Team received in the shape of “STAR Team Award” given by Nestlé Pakistan for best performance in improving a Key Performance Indicator.

In 2014, the Dairy Development team assisted more than 100 commercial dairy farmers and demonstrated how to make silages on 4,500 acres. It helped our dairy farmers to minimise their fodder shortages and supply milk to Nestlé.

MCDD teams also developed the capacity of 27 animal feed manufacturers in Punjab to produce cost effective, nutritious and compliant cattle-feed solutions in shape of feed concentrate and cotton seed pellets. During 2014, more than 540,000 compliant concentrate feed bags were delivered at the farmers’ doorstep.

The Back-to-Base Initiative was implemented to increase our focus on small farmers. With the help of our agri-services and Dairy Hub team, we were able to engage more farmers of small and medium capacities to help them through the implementation of best farm practices and support their businesses.

Transition of milk collection transport agreements resulted in cost efficiencies directly impacting the bottom line. Vehicle monitoring through tracking devices ensured timely delivery of milk to factories. Another project has been initiated to further save time at the sub-centre level, which will be completed in 2015.