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Women Agripreneurship

Knowing the contribution of rural women to the well-being of the family and communities, Nestlé Pakistan has been extending support in the lives of women associated with the rural dairy sector in Pakistan.

In 2018, approximately 3000 rural women were trained on Best Farm Practices through village meetings. Moreover, the program builds capacity to better support women entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Some eleven women entrepreneurs were developed through this program. Moreover, 300 female milk suppliers were also made a part of Nestlé’s milk collection value chain.

Along with agriculture activities they were also engaged in rural sales initiative to strengthen the network of entrepreneurship at village level.

Our cellular network based SMS advisory service continued providing information like weather changes, disease outbreak with additional farming related messages to farmers. Thousands of farmers, enrolled in our system, are getting dairy knowledge to advance their farming skills and techniques that help them improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase income while also getting maximum benefits from mobile phone usage.


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