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Stewarding resources for the future generations

2030 Global Ambition: Striving for zero environmental impact in our operations.

We rely on raw materials to make our products. To continue with our business, we realize that we must use raw materials responsibly. This will allow us to safeguard shared resources for our future generations.

Through our 2030 ambition, we strive for zero environmental impact across our operations. We do so by giving special emphasis on reducing water withdrawals, increasing renewable energy use, innovating sustainable packaging solutions, and achieving zero waste to landfill. We are also working on implementing regenerative agriculture at scale and nature-based solutions such as agroforestry and land restoration.

In addition to our 2030 operational ambition, we launched our Net Zero Roadmap in December 2020. Under the Roadmap, we announced our intention to reduce our absolute emissions by 50% by 2030 vs our 2018 baseline and bring them to net zero by 2050.

We will need to address emissions throughout our value chain to achieve our ambition. The roadmap will transform the way we operate, helping us to inspire change and deliver impact.

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