Variety in food is the key to a nutritionally balanced diet. Nestlé wide product range is uniquely placed to deliver variety designed to include several options for various consumption moments and needs. Nestlé’s Best in class Nutritional Science and know-how supports the development of healthier product recipes .How we do it:

Portion size

Nutrition with Balance

Nutrition with Balance Assessing the nutritional value of our products To assess the nutritional value of our products, we have established a rigorous methodology based on recommendations issued by authorities such as the World Health Organization. This is called the Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System.

Each product is measured against specific criteria. The criteria are regularly reviewed by nutrition experts and product specialists to incorporate the latest thinking and developments in nutrition, health and wellness.

Portion size

Portion size

Over the years, our perception of what constitutes a serve, or a portion, of food has been slowly increasing. The result of this is that we are eating more and more. Increasing portion size is one of the easiest ways that extra energy (calories) sneaks into our diet because often we don't realize we are eating more than we should.

Nestlé is committed to supporting consumers’ efforts to balance their diets. Be it in terms of clear portion guidance information, product form or size, specific packaging, serving devices or equipment, our goal is to make ‘eating the right amount at the right frequency’ as easy as possible.