Nestlé prides itself on being the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness (NHW) company; we are committed to creating nutritional awareness among our consumers.

Our products and brands are the flag bearers of Nutrition, Health and Wellness and we build our nutrition credentials with continuous research and development. In this area we carry out the following activities:

  1. Fortified products
  2. Nestlé is committed to play its role to help reduce micronutrient deficiencies on a global scale, by fortifying products with essential micronutrients that combat the impact of such deficiencies on Pakistan’s population.

  3. Awareness to consumers through packaging
  4. The Nestlé Nutritional Compass, appearing on 97% of Nestlé Packs worldwide (by NPS), encourages and empowers consumers to make informed food choices about their diet for a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

In addition to the Nutrition credentials of our products, the company also engages in community support projects such as the ‘Nutrition Support Programme’ for underprivileged schools and people, particularly children, women and the elderly whereby we provide milk to select schools and other welfare institutions.