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Big nutrition for small tummies

Big Nutrition for small tummies

Whether it’s your first-born or even your third bundle of joy–each baby is unique and special. You want the best for your baby in every way and that also means the best nutrition for your baby’s healthy development, giving him or her the solid foundation for a bright and healthy future!

From birth to 3 years of age, your baby goes through a period of rapid growth and development. Choosing the best nutrition for your baby can be difficult and confusing and you always wonder if it’s just right.

Each stage of your baby’s growth is unique and so are the changing nutritional requirements. NESTLÉ CERELAC infant cereals (6 months onwards) are easy to digest and grouped in stages according to the changing nutritional needs of the growing child, with NESTLÉ CERELAC providing the right nutrition at each stage. NESTLÉ CERELAC has a wide range for different stages  which includes Wheat, Rice, Banana,Apple and Strawberry, 3 Fruits (Orange,Apple,Pear), Honey,Orange and Apple, CERELAC Yogurt(Apple and Banana,Mango and Orange) flavors , NESTLÉ CERELAC junior cereals (Red fruits and Yellow fruits).