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Healthy Women Healthy Women

As the world’s largest Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, with a 150-year long global nutrition heritage, Nestlé has nutrition knowledge to offer as part of our CSV initiatives. We believe that women can be truly empowered when they are healthy, thus enabling them to realise their full potential. Achieving better health and overall wellbeing requires a fundamental understanding of what constitutes good nutrition.

Indicators show that malnutrition, including both under nutrition and obesity, among the rural as well as urban women of reproductive age in Pakistan is high. Malnourished women are more likely to have children with nutritional deficiencies. These children are prone to developing health problems in both short and long term, including impaired physical and cognitive abilities.

To address this issue, the Nestlé Healthy Women programme was introduced at universities in 2014 to raise awareness about how nutrition impacts young women and their next generation.

For this endeavour, Nestlé Healthy Women has devised a campaign with multiple stages each with a reward for those who make it to the next stage. This programme includes Nutritional Awareness sessions, conventional quizzes, digital engagement, hands-on healthy cooking classes, poster presentations and engagement with the senior management at Nestlé. In addition, successful participants are offered an internship that encompasses extensive exposure to the organisation. Launched in 2014, the programme has reached 6 universities in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.