Nestlé MilkPak
NESTLÉ MILKPAK For A Stronger Home
Welcome health, strength and happiness into your home with delicious and nutritious MILKPAK; standardized UHT milk that benefits from NESTLÉ’s expertise in bringing you the very best in health, wellness and nutrition.

MILKPAK is a trusted brand known throughout the country for its nutritious wholesome goodness and pure natural taste. To secure a happier and healthier future for your family, you need the support of a strong partner like MILKPAK, now fortified with extra strength of Iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin A that keeps you and your family strong!

Iron as an essential mineral helps in the formation of healthy blood and strengthens your immune system. Vitamin C helps the absorption of Iron in the body and Vitamin A is important for clear vision.

The addition of Iron and Vitamins has enhanced the nutritional value of MILKPAK while retaining the same delicious taste.

One glass of MILKPAK fulfills 20% Iron, 41% Calcium, 18% Vitamin A and 20% Vitamin C of your daily requirements as per Nutritional Reference Values, CODEX Alimentarius.