Management Committee

Bruno Olierhoek

Bruno Olierhoek

Managing Director &
Chief Executive

Joahn Davis

Mr. John Davis

Head of Finance &

Samra Maqbool

Ms. Samra Maqbool

Head of Communication &
Marketing Services
Waqar Ahmad

Mr. Waqar Ahmad

Head of Corporate Affairs

Mr. Khurram Zia

Country Business
Manager, Waters
Naveed Khan

Mr. Naveed Khan

Head of Technical Services

Ms. Humaira Ashar

Business Manager, Confectionery
Abdullah Javed

Mr. Abdullah Javed

Business Manager,
Chilled Dairy
Arsalan Khan

Mr. Arsalan Khan

Head of Sales
Ali Sadozai

Mr. Ali Sadozai

General Counsel &
Company Secretary

Ms. Nadia Omer

Business Manager,
Coffee, Milk Modifiers &
Nauman Khan

Mr. Nauman Khan

Country Business Manager
Nestlé Professional
Asim Riffat

Mr. Asim Riffat

Country Business
Manager, Maternal &
Infant Nutrition
Mr. Rustem Oguz

Mr. Rustem Oguz

Head of Supply Chain

Mr. Akmal Saeed

Head of Human Resources
Roland Stieger

Mr. Roland Stieger

Business Executive
Manager, Ambient Dairy
Babar Khan

Mr. Babar Khan

Business Manager, Beverages

Ms. Nausheen ​Jaffery

Head of Nestlé Continuous Excellence

Mr. Fuad Saqib Ghazanfar

Business Manager, Cullinary